Communication is key to success, and, in this case, training multilingual individuals from different backgrounds means that an additional step needs to be taken by enabling students with a migration background to communicate in the academic languages relevant for STEM disciplines, which makes it possible for them to enter the academic world. 

As English is being established as a medium of instruction especially in the fields of IT & computer science studies, this means increased obstacles for the inclusion of the main target group into STEM studies and jobs – they now need not only some solid knowledge in their country of residency’s language but also sufficient English competences.

Experience has shown that often – after an intensive period of learning the local language – English needs to be re-trained. Without sufficient language competencies, especially in English for academic purposes within the fields of STEM/IT, internationalisation is not thinkable.

Therefore, IncluSTEM includes academic language courses both in the local language and English. 

IncluSTEM will establish a common learning management platform with modules in English for Academic Purposes, especially English for IT studies (at level C1) and resources for learning German, Spanish (all levels and LSP courses) for vocational purposes (for the levels A1 and A2). 

On the basis of a needs analysis derived from members of our main target group studying or aiming to study in Berlin, Stockholm or Madrid, conceptualizing, designing and implementing intensive language courses as blended-learning-courses at each partner university.